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As a Councilmember, I’ve continuously advocated for the needs of the citizens while ensuring fairness and opportunity for everyone in the Pearland community. I also vehemently worked to put violent criminals behind bars and ease penalties for non-violent drug offenders as an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County.

I’m running for Congress to ensure that every citizen’s voice is heard AND included. Giving it my all is the only way I’ve ever known, and that is how I will fight for you every day as your voice in Congress.  I will advocate on behalf of every citizen of Texas Congressional District 22 and the State of Texas — and ultimately open doors for everyone to have the chance to succeed and a fair shot at achieving the American Dream.

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About Derrick

I was born in Houston and, after graduation from the University of Texas at Austin, I returned to my hometown to build my family and career. After earning my law degree from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University, my mother died at 51 years old. Years of hard living had taken its toll, and it was me, her oldest living son, who was tasked with ending life support. It was the hardest decision of my life. That experience showed me the challenges families face every day in navigating our health care system. I decided to dedicate myself to public service, so no one ever has to have that experience again. As an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County, I prosecuted thousands of cases, ranging from minor misdemeanor matters to serious felonies, including capital murder, working hard to keep our neighbors safe. Afterwards, I entered into private practice, representing Texas workers and small businesses in various complex labor and commercial litigation matters so more small businesses could thrive here at home.

In 2015, I was elected to my first public office. As the first African-American to be chosen by voters to sit on the city council in Pearland – and the only Democrat, I’ve brought a fresh perspective to city government. Now I’m running for congress to bring the same advocacy and drive that I use in my legal practice to help all of our neighbors achieve the American dream. I’ll fight to lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs – including improved mental health services, reducing the hurdles involved in operating small businesses, and fixing our broken immigration system. We deserve a representative who listens to his constituents. Our current Congressman has not held a Town Hall in more than 4 years. I pledge to hold a Town Hall in every county every 6 months when I’m elected so everyone has a chance to have their voice heard.

Current Issues

Criminal Justice

I’ve been on both sides of the law before, both as a prosecutor and as a defendant. This rich experience affords me a comprehensive perspective on a broken criminal justice system.
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As a local official, I’ve witnessed the strength of Pearland’s diversity firsthand. When I say that we are a nation of immigrants, I don’t use it as a political punchline but rather as an affirmation of the truth that defines our community.
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Economic Policy

As a small business owner, I know that hard work and good management are the primary drivers of the American economy.
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Health Care

Health care has been a defining issue in my life. I experienced the fatal flaws in our health care system up close when my Mom passed away despite the appearance of a recovery.
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